steam bath lounger

Steam bath lounger

A steam bath lounger is available in different variants and lengths. Combine the steam bath chairs with steam bath seats and comfort benches. For larger steam baths, you can also install a “1st level” and place a steam bath seat higher.

Dampfbadliege in Sitzbank auslaufend Liegen SWING als Doppel- und Einzelliege Dampfbadliege in Sitzbank BT.B Dampfbadliege mit Steinmosaik Dampfbadliege SWING 2x2,1m Kabinengröße Dampfbadliege in Liege mündend Dampfbadliege in Liege mit Podest Dampfbadliege in Sitzform BT.B Dampfbadliegen Kombination Dampfbadliegen Kombination Dampfbadliegen Kombination Dampfbadliege SWING und T70 Komfortsitz

Steam bath lounger and steam bath seats in our shop

Steam bath benches and steam baths loungers an be found here in our steam bath shop. Would you like to have your steam bath pre-mounted by us? Then please contact us by email!

You can also use the steam bath loungers as a solidary lounger in the wellness area, sauna area or conservatory. Due to the infrared radiant heat of the lounger, these comfortable loungers are perfect for your relaxation.

Are you interested in other SPA modules made of EPS? Then we have -> HERE interesting picture examples for you!

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