Brine and tea inhalation technique

Salt inhalation technique / Brine inhalation (atomization) technique

Turn your tepidarium / steam bath into a brine inhalation cabin ….

Can brine be nebulized via the steam pipe?

NO! What many mistakenly believe is physically not possible. If you evaporate brine so salt remains salt. This is the principle of salt extraction. How can you – if you evaporate SOLE in the steam line – so ever come into the area of the respiratory tract brine particles (ie at a height of ~ 120cm) when you sit.

BRINE and TEA nebulizing technique

BRINE Inhalation and brine-mist on the skin

The special feature of the soleum is the cabin inhalation of the so-called “brine mist / fog”.
Basically, brine is a salt-water solution. As a naturally occurring remedy from mountain brine or brine springs, it is used therapeutically in spas in various concentrations – depending on whether it is used for baths, inhalations or for drinking cures.

Salt inhalations are mainly used in chronic and specific diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract (for example, asthma, bronchitis), as well as in acute chronic sinus and ear diseases. In various forms of nebulisation, inhalation is carried out on apparatus or even in cabins, as now offered by the “Soleum”.

TEA-INHALATION – chamomile, peppermint, sage and thyme

A variety of teas work directly “on the spot” and develop their healing effect by direct contact with the inflamed mucous membranes or the damaged bronchial system. In addition, active substances of the teas can be absorbed by the body via these channels, thus assisting in the resolution of the symptoms.

The most important remedies that help with colds as an inhalant include:

Anise: in bronchitis, expectorant
Chamomile: has an anti-inflammatory, germ-killing effect on many ailments
Peppermint: for colds and headache, as a tea for stomach problems
Sage: in case of throat catarrh and tonsillitis, germicidal
Thyme: in bronchitis, wheezing and convulsive cough, dissolves the mucus and disinfected.
Eucalyptus: for all colds, dissolves the mucus, promotes the expectoration, germicidal
Fennel: in bronchitis and cough, expectorant

SOLE aus medizinischer Sicht

BRINE from a medical point of view …

In medicine, saline solutions with a salt content of 1.5 to 6 percent are referred to as brine. The medical effectiveness of brine applications in some skin diseases is undisputed.

There are brine drinking cures, brine purging, brine baths, brine rubs, kerosene and brine inhalations.
Mechanisms of action of brine therapies

In contrast to sulfur and radon, brine is a stimulant-mild, well-tolerated curative with nevertheless high efficacy and a broad spectrum of activity.
Brine inhalations (0.9% – 3%)

In chronic and specific diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract (asthma, bronchitis), as well as in acute and chronic sinus and ear diseases.

The inhalative use of the brine has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, expectorant and accelerates the healing of the respiratory mucous membranes. They are available in various nebulising forms on apparatuses or in cabins (SOLEUM), with ethereal or also medicament additives.

BRINE inhalation technology application possibilities

Respiratory and pulmonary diseases, which only gradually worsen, are often barely noticed for years. The inhalation of brine solution (1% UNJODIED saline solution) has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, expectorant (exhalation by exhaling) and accelerates the healing of the respiratory mucous membranes. Prevention (Prevention) of diseases of the respiratory system and an early diagnosis therefore play a crucial role. An effective treatment method for respiratory diseases is therefore brine inhalations.

This problem can now be solved by the combination innovation “SOLEUM®”. Therefore, brine is fogged in the “SOLEUM®”, which makes a very positive contribution to the relief of the respiratory tract. For this is very well UNJODIERTes salt from the pharmacy.

The Soleum can initially be used as a conventional shower with seating comfort. In addition, it offers all the advantages of an infrared cabin. The special feature, however, lies in the generation of brine mist. As an alternative, healing teas or other inhalation solutions from the pharmacy can be nebulized, which upgrade the product novelty to a very private inhalation cabin. The aerosolized brine is not only good for breathing. Salt on the skin increases perspiration and cleansing. The skin is actually cleansed to the pores, cared for and the precipitated salt has a very positive effect on troubled skin. At the same time it forms a natural protection and supports the acid mantle of the skin. The infrared radiant heat emitted through the medium tile additionally relaxes the muscles and the circulation stimulated.

All these forms of bathing can be enjoyed in the SOLEUM®, which can be individually tailored to your personal wishes.